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How do you stop a nuisance barker?

Easy: Teach them how to “speak” and “sing.”

No, I’m not kidding and no, it’s not nearly as hard as it sounds.

Read on to learn more!

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How do you stop a nuisance barker? Easy: Teach them how to "speak" and "sing." No, I’m not kidding and no, it’s not nearly as hard as it sounds.

Can Speaking and Singing Stop A Nuisance Barker?

Speaking and singing definitely sounds better than barking obnoxiously, right?

Trust me, there’s a difference between cute “singing” and “Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! I see a Squirrel!!!!” barking

The good news, all types of dogs, may it be size or breed, can learn how to speak. From there, it’s not a hard leap to singing.

Before you start your journey to teaching speaking and singing to stop a nuisance barker, you may want to teach your dog the quiet command.

Teach your dog to speak

As with all trick training, you’ll need to grab your dog’s favorite treat. I like to use something that he doesn’t get all of the time, something hat we only use for training.


Now, show it to your dog and say, “Speak.”

Obviously, he’s not going to understand at first, and that’s okay.

Instead, you’ll want to get your dog riled up and excited. Choose an activity that usually gets him barking.

Hide the treat behind your back, but make sure your dog sees you do it. If he’s excited enough, he’ll likely bark at you to hand it over.

While we’d usually say, “Wait until he calms down,” this is one time we actually want him to be a little impatient.

When he does bark, hand over the treat.

Get him to bark repeatedly

Now, after the dogs have been taught to bark once, you can teach him a series of barks.

Basically, you’ll repeat the same steps above, just in rapid succession.

Once you’ve mastered “speaking” on command, it’s fun to incorporate very slight hand or face signals, like a wink or flick of your fingers.

That way, later on you can impress your friends by making it seem like your dog is actually responding to questions.


Teaching your dog to sing

Now that your dog can now “speak”, you can now teach him how to “sing”.

 Try making him imitate a series of whines and howls to a certain degree, reaching the pitch, and the style of noise you wish.

As your pet learns how to follow you, say “sing” automatically to associate the desired action.

With constant practice, a dog can and will learn to follow your turn quite accurately.

Do not forget to praise and treat him plentifully for encouragement.

Have you ever tried teaching speaking and singing to your dog? Did it help stop nuisance barking?

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