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Looking for tips on how to exercise a Blue Heeler puppy?

I don’t blame you, these are incredibly exuberant dogs that can put the Energizer Bunny to shame!

In other words, they keep going and going (and going…you get the point).

Don’t worry, though; we have some ideas to help tire out your Australian Cattle Dog below!

Looking for tips on how to exercise a Blue Heeler puppy? Read on for proven strategies that will help tire your active pup out fast!

How to Exercise a Blue Heeler Puppy

Blue Heelers, also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, are  brilliant and active pups. They’re energetic, curious, and love to push you to your limits.

You can play with them for hours and when you think they’re done, they start asking for more action.

These dogs were bred to work and herd, so strenuous activities are in their blood, right from a young age.

However, you need to very careful with puppies since they’re not fully developed.

So how do you exercise a Blue Heeler puppy without pushing them too far?

Let’s look at a few options. First, check out the video below with safety tips for all puppies.

Regular Walks

This is one of the best ways to tire out your puppy. You can bring them along as you have your morning run or as you ride your bike.

Due to their high energy levels, you may be tempted to take longer walks.

This is a bad idea. A month old puppy should walk for at least 5 minutes, twice per day.

So add add 5 minutes for each month. 10 minutes for a two months old puppy, 15 minutes for a 3 moths old puppy, and so on.

Once your Heeler hits adulthood, the length of your walks depend on his tolerance and overall health.

A healthy active dog can handle a 2-hour hike. However, if he’s out of shape, keep your sessions shorter.

You can also add a light backpack filled with books or smaller item.

Besides exercising the pup, a backpack gives the puppy a “job” to do or a purpose to make sure he/she isn’t too bored during the walks.

If you live in a city, some companies offer dog-walking services where they take your pup for hikes and bring them back after some time.

Regardless of where you walk, ensure your puppy is always on a leash.

Blue heelers are very curious, and they can easily run after a squirrel or a cat.

If you’re going to give your dog to a dog-walking service, make sure they understand the dog’s behavior and limits based on his/her age.

Looking for tips on how to exercise a Blue Heeler puppy? Read on for proven strategies that will help tire your active pup out fast!


Training is the best way to tire out your pup without pushing them too far. Unlike walks, which tire them physically, training is both physically and mentally challenging.

Teach your dog some  new tricks that will make them think, and you’ll see their energy levels lower tremendously.

For instance, you can practice hiding treats and getting the dog to look for them, or run your pup through a agility poles.

Playing fetch is another effective way to keep the dogs active.

You can also consider getting a flirt pole. After the pup chases the lure for some time, all they’ll want to do is sleep.

However, avoid training exercises that will make the pup jump too high or run too fast since their bones aren’t developed.

That means no hurdles in your agility courses and no high throws during fetch.


Taking your dog to the park and let them socialize with other dogs is another great idea.

Dogs do a great job of tiring each other out, after all!

Socializing is also essential since Blue Heelers can be naturally aggressive and protective of their owners.

Introducing them to pets, people, and other dogs helps lower those tendencies.

Of course, you’ll want to wait until your pup has all of his vaccinations before heading to the park.

If you need some tips on how to exercise a Blue Heeler puppy inside, check out the video below!

How much exercise does a Blue Healer Need?

A lot. As mentioned earlier, these are high-energy dogs.

So if you’re used to a sedentary lifestyle, a Blue Heeler may not be the best fit for you.

Taking a Blue Heeler dog on a quick daily walk just isn’t enough.

They should get at least an hour of both mental and physical exercises throughout the day every day.

You should go easy on pups, but you can keep making the activities more strenuous as they grow older.

How to keep a Blue Heeler Busy

When they’re idle, Blue Heelers can engage in destructive behaviors such as nipping, biting, and destroying stuff around the house.

So always give them something to do. Remember, these are working dogs who are happiest when they have a job.

Regular walks

Walking with your dog alongside you is one way to keep a Blue Heeler busy.

Instead of walking, you can also  roller blade or ride a bike while your dog jogs beside you.

Again- I can’t stress this enough- make sure you stick to the recommend amount of exercise depending on your pup’s age.


As mentioned earlier, you can also add a backpack during the regular walks.

Even during training, backpacks are useful in lowering energy levels and rehabilitating aggressive and overprotective dogs.

If you know how to train a Blue Heeler to walk on a leash, it'll make life much easier. Learn how to do it in just a few steps.

Enroll in Dog Sports

You could also consider enrolling your Australian Cattle dog in sports.

You’ll find several of them organized in your local town, and forums like Reddit are an excellent way to find dog sports near you.

Your dog may need to be a little older to participate in these sports, so make sure the pup takes part only in the basics.

Below are some of the sports that Blue Heelers excel in.

  • Rally Obedience – This sport is often referred to as “Rally-O” or just “Rally.” The dog and the owner go through the stations, following the instructions in each station. Besides winning the obedience contest, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your dog.
  • Flyball – In this sport, there are two teams, each with four dogs. The dogs compete by jumping over the hurdles to a machine that releases the balls. Then they race back through the hurdles with the ball. Due to their athletic build and intelligence, Blue Heelers are very good at this sport.
  • Herding trials – Blue Heelers are herding dogs. So there’s no better way to keep them busy than getting them to practice what they’re bred for. You can join the American Kennel Club (AKC) herding trials or enroll through independent clubs.
  • Agility – As cattle dogs, Blue Heelers are bred to complete complex moves. That’s why they would do well at agility training exercises, as well as agility tournaments.
  • Playing fetch and Frisbee – All dogs love playing fetch, including Australian Cattle Dogs. You can use a dog ball launcher or throw the balls yourself. Getting your dog to catch a Frisbee disc in the air is another great way to keep them busy. Be creative when playing these games to make them exciting and possibly tire them out faster.


Blue Heeler pups can be very boisterous and destructive when they don’t have anything else to do.

We can’t blame them; they’re simply very high-energy dogs. It’s up to us to find creative ways to tire them out.

A combination of physical and mental exercises can go a long way in lowering their energy levels and even helping them sleep better.

What do you think of these tips on how to exercise a Blue Heeler puppy? Share your thoughts below!



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