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Need to know how to walk two huskies at once?

You’ll be surprised to know that it’s not as hard as it sounds!

In fact, if you follow the tips below, it’s actually quite easy!

Read on to learn how.

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Walking two Huskies at once is a lot of fun if you know how. We're talking about walk two Huskies the easy way! Check it out!

How to Walk Two Huskies at Once the Easy Way

Walking two Huskies at once might seem like a daunting idea, especially if you’ve ever seen an improperly trained Husky on a leash.

You’ve probably heard all the stories about how hard it is to get a Husky to walk nicely. They pull and jerk. They also run.

Perhaps the best way to describe how a poorly trained Husky behaves on a leash is the saying you hear more than any other:

My dog takes ME on a walk. However, you can easily walk two Huskies at once if they’re both properly leash trained.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to do it.

Walking two Huskies at once is a lot of fun if you know how. We're talking about walk two Huskies the easy way! Check it out!

Proper Leash Training is Key

Proper leash training is important if you want to have good walks with any dog, but with Huskies, it’s absolutely vital.

Huskies are a working dog. They were bred to pull heavy loads as a team, and they absolutely love it.

Because of this breeding, Huskies are incredibly strong and committed to taking any sort of load along with them when they move. If your Husky isn’t properly leash trained, that load is YOU.

In addition to being strong and loving to pull, Huskies are also incredibly intelligent, inquisitive, and friendly.

They love to investigate new people, places, animals, and things. And what’s the best place to discover all kinds of new things?

That’s right, on a walk. Huskies also have a high prey drive.

So when they see a squirrel, rabbit, or another small animal dart away, they instinctively want to chase it.

As you can see, this combination makes for a situation ripe for your Husky to spot something interesting.

If that happens, he could simply drag you along behind him as he goes to investigate.

It’s annoying, to be sure, and it can leave you with a sore shoulder, but that’s the best-case scenario.

If your excited buddy rushes the wrong dog, he could be in for an unexpected fight.

Or he might see a squirrel on the other side of the road and dart into traffic.

There’s really no end to the trouble a Husky can get into if he isn’t properly leash trained.

So, it really is vital to teach Huskies to walk on a leash nicely.

Learning how to train a Husky to run with you is easy! It's mostly just letting him do what comes naturally. Learn how to do it!

Teaching a Husky to Walk on a Leash

Since leash training is so important to walking a Husky, or more than one, in this case, it’s a good thing that Huskies are intelligent and pick up training quickly.

If possible, it’s important to start leash training early.

Some people erroneously believe that training must wait until pups are a few months of age.

You can actually begin leash training and basic commands as young as four to six weeks old.

Training a Husky to walk on a leash involves a combination of getting your pup used to the harness and leash and then practicing walking, employing strategies to reinforce the behaviors you want and get rid of the ones you don’t.

To begin, get a harness for your puppy.

Harnesses are preferred for Huskies and other breeds that have an instinct to pull because if they forget their training and lunge or run, they won’t hurt themselves.

Get a harness for your puppy and allow him to get used to wearing it at all times.

After he’s used to the harness, attach the leash to the harness and allow him to drag it around with him.

Do this with supervision so that he doesn’t get tangled.

As he drags the leash around, give him treats and praise so that he associates the leash with good things.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if he treats the leash as nothing or as a chew toy.

The point is that you want him to enjoy the leash.

As with any training, even training as basic as this, if your pup becomes agitated by the leash, take it off and try again the next day.

Once your pup gets used to his harness and leash, it’s time to train him to walk.

You can find an excellent guide to training your Husky to walk on a leash here.

This guide talks about getting puppies ready for leash training, and it offers a leash-training method that can be used for both puppies and older Huskies.

Walking Two Huskies at Once

And here we are. It’s time to start talking about walking two Huskies at once.

As you might have guessed, the reason proper leash training is so key to walking two Huskies at once is that controlling one Husky who isn’t leash trained can be a nightmare.

If you try walking two improperly trained Huskies, you’re in for a tangled snarl of leashes and bodies and most likely, a very high level of frustration.

When walking two Huskies at once, employing the same principles you would use when you walk one Husky.

Always remain firmly in control. Always keep treats on hand to reward good behavior.

Last, always stop walking immediately if either Husky begins to pull.

The guide linked above covers all of these.

In addition to the basics listed above getting the proper equipment is key to walking two Huskies at once.

Again, use a harness when walking your Huskies.

From there, a good double dog leash attachment will allow you to walk both Huskies with only one leash.

The Mighty Paw is a great attachment because it allows both dogs plenty of room to move while still keeping you in control.

In addition, it has a design that almost mimics a sled setup, so your Huskies will adapt well to it.

You can see two Huskies walking together on a similar leash setup to the one I just described below.

Walking Two Huskies at Once Can Be Fun

Walking two Huskies at once can be a lot of fun if they’re both properly leash-trained.

If not, it can quickly descend into chaos.

It’s imperative that you ensure they are trained to walk nicely on the leash and obey your commands at all times.

If you train your furry buddies right, walking them together will be a ton of fun for all of you.

After all, they’ll both be out and about with each other and their human pal.

So ensure that your Huskies are properly leash-trained.

Then, get a good leash attachment, and get out there and have some fun.

Do you have any questions about how to walk two Huskies at once? Any other tips? Share below!

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