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Pitbull obedience training tips are on the menu today.

While all dogs essentially use the same strategies, there are some aspects that are far more important to Pits than to your average dog.

Today, we’ll be talking about tips that range from early socialization to the proper demeanor to have while training and more.

Every topic covered here is key to ensuring that your adorable Pitbull puppy grows into a happy, well-behaved big boy who can go anywhere safely with you.

These Pitbull obedience training tips will help you properly train your pooch. Don't worry, it's easy when you know how to approach it.

Why These Pitbull Obedience Training Tips are so Important

The Pitbull was bred with power in mind.

In the early 1800s, people began to create what would eventually become the modern Pitbull from Old English Bulldog and terrier stock, creating a breed that was both powerful and agile.

Just like their name implies, Pitbulls were designed to work alone or in pairs to harass a bull for hours until the animal collapsed from fatigue, injuries, or both.

Over time, the public moved from this practice to ratting, and then, ultimately (and tragically), to dog fighting.

Although Pitbulls were also bred with bite inhibition toward humans in mind, their incredible power and fighting heritage make them a breed that must be trained properly.

In fact, almost all tragedies you see on the news regarding this breed result from poor training or training them to be “guard dogs” which in most cases really just means promoting aggression.

Because of their power and the fighting that they were originally bred for, it’s vital that these Pitbull training tips be used when training your powerful pooch.

Pitbull Obedience Training Tips

These Pitbull obedience training tips will help you properly train your pooch. Don't worry, it's easy when you know how to approach it.

Everything starts here.

Puppies are just learning how to interact with their world, so the earlier you begin shaping their world view and their behavior, the better.

Puppies can actively be trained as early as 8 weeks of age. In fact, it’s the prime training time for a young dog.

They soak up commands and ques like fuzzy little sponges.

Early Socialization

Although Pitbulls aren’t as inherently aggressive as their reputation makes them out to be, they are incredibly powerful and fighting is in their blood.

Because of these two factors, early socialization is one of the key Pitbull obedience training tips.

Take your puppy everywhere that you possibly can.

Bring him to pet stores that allow pets. Take him to friends’ houses who have dogs. Take him to the dog park.

Take him any place you can think of that will have other dogs and humans.

In addition, don’t forget that Pitbulls were bred with terrier stock, so it’s equally important to introduce them to smaller pets like Hamster, Guinea pigs, and cats.

This early introduction to these smaller pets will teach your pooch that they are friends, not food.

Early Handling

We’re not talking handling in the traditional sense of scratches and pets.

Your pooch will need multiple visits to the vet in his first year, and then after that, yearly checkups.

You want the experience to be as easy on him and your vet as possible.

In addition, if you want to clip his nails, clean his ears, brush his teeth, and do other basic care with him, you’ll need him to be a willing participant.

Starting from the time you get him, begin handling his paws, holding each digit on the front and back paws.

Pull up his lips. Pull up his ear to look into it. Put your finger into his ear. Raise his tail. Roll him onto his back. Hug him.

Practice all the different types of moves that your vet will do and that you may have to do at home.

Go slowly, you don’t want to scare him, but do all of this daily.

The key is getting him used to being handled on all parts of his body so that you don’t have a nervous little tank every time you go to the vet or try to trim nails.

Go at Their Pace

This tip is important for every aspect of Pitbull training from socialization to commands. Go at your dog’s pace.

Allow him to be curious and approach things in his own time. If he doesn’t want to play with another puppy or dog, don’t force it.

Remember, the goal is to create a feeling that other animals and humans are fun. Forcing interaction can cause fear and instill a sense of fight or flight, which can lead to aggression.

This same idea applies to obedience training. Pitbulls are born people-pleasers, but they all learn on their own time schedule.

Don’t get frustrated or lose your temper when training, and don’t force sessions that aren’t working.

It will only leave your dog feeling like he’s done something wrong when he really hasn’t.

Basic Pitbull Obedience Training

These Pitbull obedience training tips will help you properly train your pooch. Don't worry, it's easy when you know how to approach it.

This is a very basic concept. At this point, you won’t even be into the official training yet.

However, contrary to popular belief, obedience doesn’t start with “sit” and “stay”, it starts with establishing boundaries.

You’ve heard “show them who’s boss” before. That’s what you have to do with any dog, but you have to do it kindly and gently.

Those are the key to training a Pitbull puppy to be obedient.

The most basic Pitbull Obedience Training is simply getting your pup used to following you around.

Put a leash on him at an early age, and entice him to walk with you using treats.

Walk him all around the house, and then proceed to walking him all around the yard.

In addition, little things like calling his name to get him to look at your followed by a treat will slowly condition him to view you as the source of all the good things he wants.

Thus, the person he should always look to in any given situation.

ONLY Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the only thing that should ever be used with any dog, but especially with a Pitbull.

The biggest, absolutely most important Pitbull obedience training tip you’ll read here is this: ONLY use positive reinforcement.

Pitbulls are eager to please, and although they were bred originally to fight, they are gentle spirits.

Positive reinforcement is the only thing that should ever be used with any dog, but especially with a Pitbull.

This breed soaks up praise, even more than treats, but they also soak up aggressive actions like yelling, rubbing their noses in messes, or even worse, hitting.

So only use positive reinforcement. Ignore setbacks, praise successes liberally, and always be positive and upbeat.

Pitbull Obedience Training at Home

Pitbull obedience training classes can be done at home or at home in conjunction with a training class.

This is a breed with high intelligence, loyalty, and a drive to please, so training a Pitbull isn’t all that difficult.

The biggest part of training one of these guys is simply staying consistent and staying patient. Begin with basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “down.”

These commands are the backbone of all obedience training in any dog.

Remember, all dogs learn at their own pace, so only go as fast as your little guy can learn.

If you being to lose his patience, stop your session.

Always keep it fun and positive. Short, productive training sessions are far more effective than drawn-out struggles.

Pitbull Obedience Training Classes

For first-time owners or those who don’t feel fully confident in their training abilities, Pitbull obedience classes are a great option.

These classes sever a multitude of purposes all in one package.

At these training classes, you’ll learn how to train your do more efficiently and your dog will have lots of time to bond with you.

In addition, these Pitbull obedience training classes are excellent for socialization because there are so many other dogs and people around.

A Final Note

One final note concerning Pitbull obedience training.

Some people think that an older dog cannot be trained as easily as a younger dog.

This has been proven to be incorrect. In fact, older dogs are often easier to train.

They have more self-control and less overflowing energy.

This means that Pitbull obedience training is easy to do with any aged Pittie.

So even if you have an older guy, use this tips, find an obedience class, and get started training. You’ll find that it’s so much easier than you think.

Pitbull Obedience Training is Easier Than You Think

Pitbull obedience training is far easier than most people think it is.

Although these powerful dogs can seem intimidating, for the most part, they are big softies.

Just remember to socialize them thoroughly, take your time, practice patience, and be consistent.

You’ll do great. Remember, if you don’t feel 100% confident in your abilities, there are most likely all kinds of training schools near you that you can take advantage of, as well!

Do you have any questions about these pitbull obedience training tips? Share below!

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