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Want to know how to save money on dog training bills?

I hear you, they can get pretty pricey between training classes and all that gear.

Even just the cost of your time adds up!

So, let’s take a look at some tips to save a little bit of cash without sacrificing on the quality of training.

Want to know how to save money on dog training bills? Check out some super easy tips that will help you keep cash in your pocket while training your pup!

How to Save Money on Dog Training Bills

Like I said above, dog training bills can really add up fast!

Just how fast? Well, a few months ago, we talked about the cost of dog obedience school.

Take a look at the picture below to refresh your memory!

Average cost of dog obedience school by class.

Even if you just went with basic puppy training, you’re looking at a minimum of $100.

That’s for a well-behaved puppy that learns quickly, listens well and gets along with others.

If you have a trickier case (like a dog that’s aggressive with other pups), expect to spend upwards of $400 and more!

That doesn’t even factor in the cost of things like gas to and from the school, training gear, or your time.

Even if you opt to do it at home on your own, you’ll probably want to get some essential training tools.

Here’s the good news, though- dog training bills don’t have to be budget-busters!

Check out the tips below to help save some of that hard-earned cash!

Tips to Save Money on Dog Training Bills

Want to know how to save money on dog training bills? Check out some super easy tips that will help you keep cash in your pocket while training your pup!

From giving him a good workout every day to knowing where to look for free advice, there are plenty of ways to save a boatload on training.

Exercise your dog

Never underestimate the power of a simple walk around the block. A tired dog is a less destructive dog, after all!

Plus, the time you spend working out together is a great chance to bond. Try some of these exercises:

  1. Play a retrieving game like fetch or Frisbee.
  2. Practice recall with a partner. Call your dog, then reward him when he comes. Then, have your friend do the same!
  3. Take your dog jogging, biking or rollerblading with you.
  4. Walk your dog! He’ll love exploring new places and it’s the only way to truly get him used to a leash.

Turn on YouTube

YouTube has a ton of great training videos that you can watch for free in the comfort of your own home.

Just make sure you’re sticking to trainers with the same philosophy as you. There are a lot of really awful dog training videos out there.

I recommend anything by Zak George. He focuses entirely on positive reinforcement dog training.

Borrow books from the library

Again, there are thousands upon thousands of dog training books out there.

While your library may not have a huge selection, I bet they have at least one or two that would work.

That’s really all you need! Again, make sure it’s by a trainer that uses science-based methods and not archaic “pack mentality” training.

Along with physical books, you can also borrow ebooks from your library. Just sign up for Overdrive using your library card.

Rent course time

While the first few tips may be a bit obvious, here’s one you may not know about.

You don’t have to buy expensive agility training tools! Instead, find a course nearby and rent time on one.

If you find that your dog loves it, then you can invest in some really good tools.

These are just a few easy ways to save money on dog training bills. While classes are always a good idea, they’re not the ONLY idea.

If you can’t swing them, don’t worry about it. Millions of people train their dogs at home without spending a dime!

What are some of your favorite ways to save money on dog training bills? Share below!

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