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We’re huge fans of dog training videos because they really help simplify the training process.

Take these ten below for example!

You could spend hours reading the right books, or hundreds of dollars on professionals.

Or, you could kick back and bring pro trainers into your home without paying a dime!

Take a look!

Dog training videos are the next best thing to having a professional come to your house. Just make sure you choose the right ones. Check out 5 we love!

Why Use Dog Training Videos?

Training your dog it can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be!

Many people turn to different aids to help them with their dog training.

Some call on their best friend, others take their dogs to classes. Some even pay a fortune to send their dogs to residential training programs.

For those on a tight budget, though, books and videos are definitely the least expensive way to consult an expert.

In fact, I’d say they’re the next best thing to a personal professional dog training.


They offer lots of handy hints, advice and techniques but you can see them put into action so you can tell where you are going wrong.

What types of videos are best for dog training?

Dog training videos are the next best thing to having a professional come to your house. Just make sure you choose the right ones. Check out 5 we love!

I’ve tried many different dog training videos and they are all different.

Some focus on the training from the dog’s point of view, with the dog doing the “talking.”

While super cute, they’re not the most helpful because you need to see the trainer’s body language, too.

Other videos focus on the trainer and dog, but are just kind of boring. You know which ones I mean, right?

The trainer is basically sitting in a blah white room with his dog, going on and on about what to do.

I say show me, don’t tell me! I mean, I could listen to an audio book and get the same information!

The best types of videos are informative yet fun, engaging yet educational. With that in mind, let’s take a peek at our favorites!

Our Top 5 Favorite Training Videos

Each of these videos focuses on positive training methods, because it really is the best way to train a dog!


1. Zak George’s Revolution Dog Training Videos

Zak’s videos are always a good place to start! My favorite, though, is the one above that teaches four tricks in just minutes.

Just make sure your dog knows the basics first, which brings us to:

2. Basic Commands to Teach Your Dog

Yes, it’s another Zak George video, but like I said, he’s the best! Use this one to teach any dog the basic commands.

3. How to stop your dog from pulling on a leash

This one focuses on using positive reinforcement to build a stronger connection between you and your dog.

That, in turn, helps teach him not to pull on the leash.

4. Stop Demand Barking

My dog has a big problem with “demand barking,” In other words, when she wants something, she barks loudly until she gets her way.

This video uses common sense and positive reinforcement to teach our dogs that they can’t always get what they want when they want.

5. Agility Training at Home

Agility training isn’t just super fun and a great way to give your dog a workout, it also helps reinforce other commands.

With this video and an inexpensive starter agility set, you’ll be ready to teach your pup how to fly through coursework in no time!


These are just five great dog training videos to get you started.

There are literally thousands more on YouTube! As you browse them, make sure you’re choosing options that use positive training methods.

Steer clear of any videos that use dominance training, shock collars, or other forms of punishment.

Remember, these methods don’t just fail miserably in the long run, they can actually make your dog more aggressive.

Do you have any favorite dog training videos? Share below!

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