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Wondering what sort of things you need for a husky puppy?

Bringing your new pal home should be an exciting and pleasant experience, but it’ll take a bit of preparation to ensure everything goes according to your plan.

However, there’s no need to stress, I’m going to walk you through the entire process to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Let’s dive right in and start with what a new dog owner needs to know before bringing their new husky home.

Wondering what sort of things you need for a husky puppy? Follow our guide to get all of the necessities before bringing your new pal home!

What You Need to Know

Preparation is the key to successfully bringing any dog into a new home.

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Bringing a husky puppy home without making certain vital decisions beforehand is a recipe for disaster.

But if you follow these tips, there’s a much higher likelihood the process will go off without a hitch:

Choose the right vet

Some owners make the mistake of bringing a dog home without considering who will be their veterinarian.

It leads to a great deal of stress when they first start thinking there’s something wrong with their puppy.

This situation will eventually happen, considering we tend to get anxiety about every little thing when taking care of new puppies.

I’d suggest asking your friend or family member who’s a dog owner about where they take their dogs.

Friends and family tend to give much more honest recommendations than a random dog owner on the street.

If this isn’t an option, you can always use Google. But please, read the reviews before picking your vet!

Talk to the breeder (and ask the right questions)

Wondering what sort of things you need for a husky puppy? Follow our guide to get all of the necessities before bringing your new pal home!

Your breeder is a valuable source when it comes to being a new Husky owner. They’re the only person who’s been in contact with your dog before you bring them home.

As a result, they’ll know much more about your new puppy, which means asking them a ton of questions is smart.

I’d recommend covering these following topics to ensure you feel comfortable about the process:

  • Health concerns
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping routine
  • Health certificates of parents and your puppy
  • The puppy’s socialization tendencies
  • Vaccinations
  • Have there been any health procedures or treatments done?
  • The breeder’s contact information

Each of these answers will make your puppy’s few first weeks more manageable. In fact, ask any questions that will increase your comfort level when bringing them home.

If you feel too anxious about it, your new Husky puppy will also feel it.

It’s best to prepare for these anxious feelings beforehand rather than letting them get out of control when the puppy enters your home.

Research a Husky’s Personality Traits

Every puppy will be different, but having a basic understanding of what Huskies usually are like will help form your expectations.

It’ll also help guide you to understand their energy levels, temperament, and other key character traits.

As a result, you can base your approach around these traits, which should increase its effectiveness.

Things You Need for a Husky Puppy

First-time owners usually don’t understand what a puppy will require when it comes to supplies.

There’s no need to be embarrassed as every dog owner has experienced this feeling at some point.

It’s one of the many experiences that come with being an owner of these wonderful animals.

But I’ve gathered up a list of items capable of alleviating these concerns and ensure you’re ready for this journey.

(FYI, this section contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.)

Use the table below for some of our favorite recommendations, then read on for more ideas:


A dog owner who has these items will be more than equipped to take care of their Husky puppy.

It’s also important to note the linked products are only suggestions and alternatives are more than fine.

But please make sure they’re capable of doing what’s needed to keep your Husky safe before buying them.

How to Prepare Your Home

Wondering what sort of things you need for a husky puppy? Follow our guide to get all of the necessities before bringing your new pal home!

The last step to ensuring you’re ready for the puppy’s arrival is preparing your home.

It might be the most vital step because puppies tend to be very adventurous creatures and get into troubling places.

Due to this, dog owners must think about their home from a puppy’s point of view.

You have to think about what might pique their interest or cause them to wander off into a place they aren’t allowed.

Addressing these potential issues and problem areas are the only way to ensure your puppy remains safe.

I’m going to discuss a few tips below to help get you started.

1. Create a puppy “zone”

Taking care of a Husky puppy isn’t an easy thing to do. You can make the job a lot easier by sectioning their movements to a single area or room.

I’d suggest having this room set up before the puppy crosses your home’s threshold.

As you can imagine, it’d be kind of hard to get it ready when the dog’s within your home.

The room itself should have several essential items, such as water/food bowls, crate, access to toys, treats, and cleaning products for accidents.

These items will ensure you’ll have everything needed to keep the puppy successfully confined to this area.

2. Be Mindful of Your Electric Cables

Electric cables run our lives, which makes them a common slight inside our homes.

It’s easy to forget these cables are even there until something tragic, like a dog biting one, occurs.

Dog owners need to ensure their electric cables are tucked away from a puppy’s reach because of this potential situation.

It’s a key factor in keeping them safe and avoiding any hazards.

3. Put Up Several Puppy Gates

As I mentioned in our “what to buy section,” puppy gates are an essential supply to taking care of a Husky puppy.

I’d recommend setting up a few around your home to keep the puppy contained.

Husky puppies or any puppy should never be allowed to roam freely. This situation is asking for something terrible to happen, and gates represent an easy solution.

It’s also vital to ensure these gates are placed in front of any stairs or room entrances (without doors). You’ll want to limit the puppy’s access to anywhere besides their designated daily area.

4. Set up a Sleeping Area

Your puppy will need a designated place to sleep over their first few weeks. Most dog owners find it best to have them sleep in their crate, with them, or right next to their bed.

These first few weeks will be challenging as the puppy’s still adapting to not sleeping with their mother. Due to this, their owner sleeping near them can provide a bit of comfort during this transition.

5. Do a Thorough Final Check of Floors and Other Problem Areas

Your Husky’s curiosity will be a challenge from the start. Anything dangerous located inside their area will end up being found and chewed.

In many ways, taking care of a puppy is similar to what’s expected when watching a baby.

You’ll need to do a thorough job of removing any hazards, which could cause them problems, such as choking.

Owners should also be mindful of their trash cans during this last search.

Your puppy will soon gain the strength and smarts to push these over.

Please remove them from their area ahead of time and switch to heavyweight bins or cans.

I hope our discussion on Husky puppy preparation addressed all of your concerns.

But if I failed to cover one, please let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer them as quickly as possible.

Do you have any other ideas on things you need for a husky puppy that you feel we missed? Share below!

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