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Are you having trouble figuring out how to contain a Husky in the yard and desperately need some training tips and tricks?

Huskies are majestic animals, but they’re famous for their Houdini’s antics and wanderlust potential.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back with 8 Husky training tips on how to keep your Husky in the yard.

Just keep on reading.

Need to know how to contain a husky fast to keep your pup from escaping? Take a look at these eight must-know training tips!

8 Tips on How to Contain a Husky

Siberian Huskies have got quite the popularity thanks to their wolf-like appearance and representation in the media.

However, Huskies aren’t an easy dog to own and can frustrate even experienced trainers with their stubbornness and independence.

Given a chance, most Huskies will jump the fence and will go looking for adventures.

A roaming Husky might get into all sorts of trouble, including getting hurt or stolen.

So, you’d want to put a stop to these escapes as soon as possible. And that’s where we come to aid you.

Are you wondering how to contain a Husky? We've got you covered! Keep reading for 8 superb training tips.

#1 Understand Why Huskies Escape

To know how to contain your Huskies, you should understand what drives your dog to escape the yard.

Huskies used to pull heavy sleds through the snow for miles on end without rest or much food.

Covering around 50 miles on average a day, these dogs were loyal companions to the nomad tribes.

Since Huskies are sturdy and robust dogs, they can endure hardships that will probably kill other breeds.

They’re highly adaptable and not afraid to explore unfamiliar surroundings.

Huskies are also working dogs that don’t like to sit idle. They’d rather be outside and running than cuddle with you.

That’s why Huskies make excellent hiking buddies and a great choice for active people.

Moreover, Huskies are full of energy, get bored easily, and are very good at digging their way through a fence.

They won’t hesitate to jump the fence if something more interesting is happening on the other side.

While Huskies are among the most stunning dogs, they’re not the easiest to train. We'll help, though! Check out 8 tips for training a husky puppy!

#2 Get the Right Fence

The first question we have to answer is how to stop your Husky from jumping the fence. That’s achievable if you pick the right fence for Huskies.

Invisible fences won’t do much good when you have a Husky because of their strong prey drive.

Other breeds might learn to avoid those boundaries, but Huskies are famous for their stubbornness, and a little pain won’t keep them contained.

Moreover, invisible fences can make your Husky fearful or aggressive and cause them to associate going out with bad things.

Since Huskies are a dominant dog breed, that’s the last thing you should encourage.

Instead, you need a strong physical wall that is too high for your athletic Husky to jump over.

Most specialists recommend at least 5-6 feet fence for Huskies with smooth wood panels so that your dog can’t climb it.

You can also opt for a fence that curls inwards on the top to stop your Husky from jumping over the wall.

A physical barrier will also restrict your Husky’s view of the street/yards. If your dog can’t see the exciting things happening on the other side, your Husky is less likely to attempt to escape.

#3 Prevent Digging

Most owners think that getting a high fence is enough to stop a Husky from escaping.

You’d be wrong because Huskies can dig their way out, especially when they’re motivated.

You have to remember that Huskies are very good at digging because of their natural instinct to make burrows to hide from the cold.

Most Huskies also like unearthing things, so they might dig to relieve boredom or frustration.

One way to deal with such persistent digging is to get some chicken wire to staple on the bottom

. Another option would be to pour concrete along the fence line to discourage your Husky from digging.

#4 Remove Aids

If you want to contain your Husky in the yard, you have to remove everything from the yard that can help your dog escape.

Garbage cans, woodpiles, forgotten ladders, and trees with low hanging branches make excellent climbing aids, for example.

Take a good look around your yard and think about possible escape routes from your Husky’s point of view.

Then get rid of anything that your Husky can use to jump or climb the fence.

Need to know how to contain a husky fast to keep your pup from escaping? Take a look at these eight must-know training tips!

#5 Use Double Gates

Some Huskies love to dash through doors, and it can be quite challenging to exit the house/yard without losing the dog.

What you can do to prevent your Husky from escaping through the backyard door is use double gates.

You open one gate, close it, and then open the other.

The aim is to have one door always closed to keep your dog inside the yard even if they dash after you.

Otherwise, exiting the house/yard can turn into a game of hide and seek.

The problem is that you’ll have to find a gate high enough to keep a determined Husky inside.

 #6 Train Your Husky to Stay

Huskies are notoriously hard to train because they’re stubborn, independent, and listen only to their pack leader.

They’re not a dumb breed but aren’t as eager to please as other dogs.

You often have to show dominance over your Husky to convince them that obeying is their idea.

Obedience training can help you teach your dog to stay in the yard or wait for you at the door instead of dashing through it.

But it won’t be easy because dogs aren’t made to stay still and don’t like it when they have to lay down and stay, for example.

So, teaching your Husky to stay will take time, efforts, and a lot of positive reinforcement:

  • Get your Husky to sit and wait a second.
  • Praise and reward your dog for not moving.
  • Slowly increase the duration to 10-15 seconds.
  • If your Husky stays in position, take a step back.
  • If your dog doesn’t move, go back to your Husky and reward them.
  • Slowly increase the distance and the duration of the stay command.
  • Practice, practice, and practice.

You have to know that Huskies are one of the worst dogs to train due to their stubbornness and independence.

It will take you a while to teach your dog to stay, so you should escape-proof your yard well.

I also recommend watching dog training videos, learning some basic dog training tips, and speaking with professional trainers to help you train your Husky.

#7 Provide Physical and Mental Stimulation

As I already mentioned, Huskies are highly energetic dogs that don’t do well when they don’t have a job.

They will never stay inside if something exciting is happening on the other side of the fence.

Most Huskies require more than two hours of exercise a day to keep them happy and burn off their excessive energy.

You have to get them tired so that they don’t have the energy to run away even if they have the opportunity.

You also have to provide enough mental stimulation for your Husky.

They’re smart dogs that like challenges, interactive puzzles, and exciting games.

#8 Check the Perimeter Regularly

My last tip about how to contain a Husky is to check the fence regularly for holes and escape tunnels.

Look for chewed wires because some Huskies are known for destroying regular fence wire with enough time and persistence.

You might do your best, but you never know what goes through the mind of your dog.

They might have found a way to escape that you had never considered until your Husky disappears.

Is it mission impossible to contain your Husky? No, as long as you’re observant and learn from your mistakes.

Pick the right fence, remove any climbing aids, and exhaust your dog. However, you should have your Husky microchipped if they manage to execute a successful escape attempt.

What do you think about these tips on how to contain a Husky? How do you deal with your Husky’s escape attempts? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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