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Are you wondering how to train your new Husky puppy?

While Huskies are one of the most stunning dogs, they’re not the easiest to train.

They require a lot of positive reinforcement!

But I’ve got you covered with these 8 husky training tips!

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While Huskies are among the most stunning dogs, they’re not the easiest to train. We'll help, though! Check out 8 tips for training a husky puppy!

8 Tips on Training a Husky Puppy

Siberian Huskies are a popular breed thanks to their unique appearance and representation in films and books.

However, these sled-pulling dogs tend to have a mind of their own and an independent spirit, which makes them one of the worst dogs to train.

To learn to overcome husky training difficulties, you have to understand how your Husky puppy’s inner motivation works. Then it’s a matter of persistence and patience.

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#1 Be a Good Leader

Nine times out of ten, I would tell you that the”be the alpha of your pack” training strategy is outdated, not scientifically sound, and borderline nonsense.

That’s not so much the case with a Husky puppy. These dogs have a strict hierarchy order and will challenge owners who don’t enforce their rules.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Huskies were bred to pull sleds. They have to work together in teams, and every good team has a captain, right?

So, one of the most important things in training husky puppies is to establish your position as the leader.

Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance, and your Husky puppy will rather ignore your commands than respond to them.

My best advice is to adopt a calm demeanor, be firm with your husky puppy, and keep your temper at check. NEVER react in anger.

Remember, being a good leader isn’t about dominating your dog. It’s about establishing boundaries and showing your dog that he can count on you to keep the “teams” best interests at heart.

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#2 Engage in Obedience Training

The husky obedience training formula relies on positive reinforcement and patience.

Start by teaching your husky puppy something easy – his name, for example. Then you can move to other basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” or “lay down.

Besides reinforcing good behavior with a treat, lure-rewarding training also works very well.

It involves using rewards to lure your puppy into the desired position. We recommend using a treat designed for puppies as they may turn their nose up at treats if they’re too large or specifically for adult dogs If the dog does as you want, they get the treat.

Keep the sessions short and engaging and always reward behavior that you want your dog to repeat.

Since all puppies have a learning curve, you have to set simple goals and wait until your Husky has mastered a command before moving to the next one.

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#3 Get the Right Collar

All dogs need collars, and Husky puppies are no exception. Since Huskies tend to be stubborn, some owners consider pinch or choke collars.

However, such collars are risky to use for inexperienced owners due to the risk of damaging your dog’s throat.

What will be most helpful in training your Husky puppy is a Martingale collar, like the one pictured above and below.

It sits comfortably on your dog’s neck and gets tight when you tug at it. In this way, you can correct your puppy’s behavior without fearing that you’ll hurt them in the process.

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#4 Train Your Husky to Potty Outside

A lot of owners wonder how to potty training their husky puppy since they’re notoriously difficult to housebreak.

What’s important here is to pick the location where your Husky puppy will do their business and take your pooch there as much as possible.

Inside potty training isn’t recommended for this breed.

In addition to this, you should watch out for signs that your pet is uncomfortable, for example, whining, circling, and snuffing.

Also, you should take your puppy outside immediately when you caught the puppy in the act of peeing inside.

When your Husky puppy is done, you should remember to praise and reward them.

#5 Use Crate Training

Can you allow your Husky puppy to roam the house without supervision? The answer is no.

Even if you’ve puppy-proofed the house, Huskies can be quite destructive and get into a lot of trouble.

Not to mention that it will encourage your Husky to eliminate inside the house.

As such, you need a crate for your Husky. Start crate training slowly, until your Husky puppy is comfortable spending time around the crate and sleeping inside.

Then you can work on closing the door and leaving your Husky alone for a few minutes.

Done right, there is nothing cruel about a crate because it will fulfill your dog’s natural desire for a den. Crates also come in handy for potty training because dogs avoid spoiling their dens.

For more information on how to crate train a Husky puppy, you might watch this video. 

#6 Correct Unwanted Behavior

Sooner or later, your Husky puppy will do something that you don’t like, or they might try to test the boundaries and rules you’ve already established.

It’s essential that you react correctly to bad behavior or you’re going to lose your Husky’s respect.

You should never punish your dog physically. It won’t make your Husky more obedient but will make them more willful and stubborn than before.

Instead, use a firm “No!” or “Stop!” to let your Husky know that they’re doing something they shouldn’t.

Ignore your puppy whenever they’re refusing to obey your commands or leave them alone for a few minutes until they’re ready to cooperate.

Use every opportunity to turn bad behavior into a good one. For example, when you catch your Husky chewing on shoes, redirect them to an appropriate chew toy.

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#7 Learn How to Overcome Training Difficulties

When it comes to training huskies, owners often come into Husky training difficulties. One of the most often one is how to train a Husky to come.

The recall command is very important for training a Husky, or you might lose your dog in the park.

What works best in these situations is to get the Husky to come after you. Get a treat, show it to your puppy, and run in the opposite direction.

When the puppy follows you, say your command word and reward. Then you practice for as long as it takes for the puppy to respond without hesitation.

You can also train on a long lead and lure the dog to you with a treat. In case the puppy doesn’t obey, you should ignore them for a while and then try again.

Check out the video below for tips on teaching stubborn dogs how to come when called.

Besides recall, some owners also wonder how to train a Husky puppy not to bite. In general, puppies are small biting machines, especially during teething.

However, you can stop this behavior by redirecting your puppy to a more suitable chewing object.

In addition to this, say a loud “No!” or “Ouch!” whenever the puppy bites you and ignore them for a couple of minutes to drive your point.

#8 Prevent Running Away

A lot of owners make the mistake of letting their Husky puppy off the leash only to discover that the little bugger has run way.

Huskies have a strong desire to chase small animals, so they will use every opportunity you give them to indulge in this habit.

The simple solution is that you shouldn’t let your Husky off their leash until they’ve mastered the “come” command.

Even then, specialists don’t recommend off-leash walking for this breed due to their strong prey drive.

To train your Husky not to run away, you should also ensure that you’re providing enough physical and mental stimulation. A Husky full of energy is twice as likely to run away when given a chance.

Moreover, you should block their view of anything interesting that might be happening outside your yard. If they don’t see, they won’t be tempted to go for it.

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While Huskies are among the most stunning dogs, they’re not the easiest to train. We'll help, though! Check out 8 tips for training a husky puppy!

Huskies are quite the stubborn breed, and they’re not the best option if you’re a first-time owner or you want a dog that will tolerate being alone.

Since Huskies are difficult to train, you might consider husky training classes near you.

What do you think about these 8 tips on training Husky puppies? Share below!

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